Submit a Story

Fab Figmentals is always looking for quality fiction to feature on our show. If you’re a writer with a short story that you’d like to see narrated on our podcast, please send it our way!

What We Want

We’re looking for original short fiction about legendary creatures from all over the world. (Need inspiration? Check out this list.)

If you’re new to the podcast, we like stories that:

  • Are well-written, audio-friendly, creative, and tell a great tale.

  • Stick to the neighborhood of 750-2000 words.

  • Feature a single legendary creature and accurately represent its recognized origins, abilities, and attributes.

  • Are inspired by legends, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales.

  • Embrace our tagline: “more Brothers Grimm than Mother Goose.”

How to Submit

Submit stories to

  • Include your name and story title.

  • Include bio, story word count, information regarding the submission’s publication history or indication if the work is original and unpublished.

  • You do not need to submit a cover letter.

What We Do With It

Once you’ve sent us your story, we will review it and respond to you via email. We’ll try and get back to you as soon as we can; if you don’t hear from us after a few weeks, feel free to follow up.

If we decide we’d like it for our podcast, we’ll let you know! Please note that we reserve the right to edit submissions for length, content, and clarity.


Fab Figmentals welcomes submissions from writers of all backgrounds. We are especially interested in seeing more submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented or excluded from traditional publishing, including, but not limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQ or non-binary gender people, persons with disabilities, members of religious minorities, and people from outside the United States. Our goal is to share stories that reflect the diversity of human storytelling, so we strongly encourage submissions from these or any other underrepresented groups.

The Legal Stuff

By sending us your story you understand and agree that:

  • You are the original creator of the work submitted to us;

  • You are the copyright holder of the work;

  • You are not prohibited by any prior agreement from the transfer of non-exclusive electronic and audio rights to the work;

  • All information in the contact and cover sections of your email is accurate and truthful;

  • You accept sole responsibility for any false statements or encumbrances upon rights not disclosed to us.

Rights Requested:

Fab Figmentals requests non-exclusive electronic rights (text and audio), non-exclusive print rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights for any print and electronic anthologies.

Fab Figmentals content is protected under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. Briefly, this means that the entire world has permission to distribute the podcast for free, provided they give credit for it, don’t try to make money off of it, and don’t change it in any way. Transcribing it, extracting portions from it beyond fair use, and mashing it up are all prohibited. This license applies only to our audio performance of your work, and the text on our website. It does not apply to your story itself; you retain your copyright and all rights to any other use of the story.