In this episode, we look at one of the most famous legendary creatures of all time— the unicorn. Unicorns are an interesting study, because pretty much everyone knows what they look like and *thinks* they know a thing or two about them. But, I can assure you, there’s more to the history and lore of this incredible beast than pinterest-friendly cakes, glittery kid’s toys, and regal heraldry. The legendary unicorn has been making appearances in cultures across the world since antiquity, and in this episode we’re going to look at how this famous creature has been depicted throughout art and history. We’ll explore some of the strange, often overlooked aspects of unicorn lore, and we’ll ask why this fantastical creature — after so many centuries—  still holds such a special place in our hearts. This week’s episode features a short story called “The Unicorn Cure” by Lindsey Morse. Find a transcript of this episode here

Niall Cooper