Fab Figmentals Launches July 10th!

Fab Figmentals, a brand new podcast that explores the realm of curious creatures, magical monsters, and beautiful beasts, launches July 10th.

Each week on the show, we’ll meet a new legendary creature and explore its history and folklore. Every episode begins with a story, and then we take a look at the creature’s background and how its been portrayed throughout the ages. The show will feature classic fairy tales as well as our own original creations, and the stories will often be more “Brothers Grimm” than “Mother Goose,” think whimsy with a bit of an edge. 

The show launches Wednesday, July 10rd with three episodes to download. The first episodes will feature: the kelpie, a malevolent water-dwelling creature that haunts Scotland’s lochs, the bunyip, an Australian Aboriginal spirit, and Baba Yaga, the slavic “wicked witch.”

New episodes drop every Wednesday, and you’ll find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and pretty much any other podcatcher. Subscribe now to make sure you get new episodes as soon as they’re released. 

Niall Cooper